Stückentwicklung mit dem Ensemble

Co-produktion mit Theatern aus


Fernando: Carlos Belda

Sabine: Silke Buchholz

Robert: John Cobb

Joanne: Becky Jameson

Michael: Hans Piesbergen

Rosa: Josefa Suarez

Pambos: Diomedes Koufteros

Bühne und Kostüme: Jane Heather

Musik: Juan Belda

Video: Nicoleta Kalatha

What does it mean to live on an island?

Two young European women are sunbathing on a beach in Tenerife when they find the body of an african woman washed up on the shore beside them. Nathing can ever be the same again. We follow Joanne and sabine as they are interweaving stories cross borders and touch the lives of others, wherever they go. We dicscover beauty at the heart of sadness as we joury from the Isle of lewis in Scotland to Aphrodite's Rock in cyprus in search of our island identities.

Four of europeans most outward-looking theatre companies collaborate on a wry and scorching look at contemporary Europe.


Hexam Courant

Rebecca Dixon


(…) besides the deep stated emotional stories that ran through this show, the play also had many lighter moments.(...) As a whole the piece was thought provoking. (…)

The Journal

David Whetstone


(…) You have to keep yout wits about as the action flits from place to place, reminding yourself who is connected to who and why. The production makes the point very clearly that there are naturel islands and those we construct ourselfs.(...) islands is a very ambitious undertaking and it mostly works well. There are no dull moments and some are very funny, such as the scene in which immigrants in a British citizenship class.(...)